Information overload makes problem solving a pain. Yet we need to handle to build tools and learning new content more efficiently cf own principle

Personal information management (PIM) allows us to partially cope with information overload. Once a PIM system is used though the freedom to create earned by its user is once again driving frustration as information can be composed efficiently creating overload again. The information in a PIM system becomes intangible despite it's personal aspect. Virtual reality (VR) allows information to become tangible again, involving the entire body while providing complete focus by preventing external world interferences. PIMVR as a VR interface for a PIM system explores how information can be organized in space and through which tools.

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Applying PIMVR to the research and innovation process

PIMVR can support other backend used by researchers (e.g. Mandeley, Zotero, CiteULike) A description of the workshop format : follow up on the "PIMVR: virtual reality interface for a wiki based personal information management" proposal the workshop will explore how tools and concept from PIMVR are relevant to the research process. From spatially organizing references to sorting their key concepts to write a paper.

PIMAR brings those organized notes to the real world

PIMXR bridges the two

The VR client can browse pages then bookmark them, saving the result for both devices. Each client, VR and AR can then display then.

Testing link for WebAR/WebXR compatible browser

More info and VR running prototypes
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